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ProjectMulti-Touch 3D CAD Visualization System

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Multi-Touch 3D CAD Visualization System

Gas turbines are extremely complex pieces of machinery designed to meet the highest demands, and advanced visualization technology is crucial to the development. RISE Interactive (formerly called Interactive Institute) has created an interactive visualization tool for Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery to support the entire turbine development process, saving both time and money.

Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery in Finspång produces world-class gas turbines with a high degree of efficiency and low emission levels. For the development of the new gas turbine SGT-750, the team at Siemens needed a new tool for interactive 3D visualization suitable for collaborative design reviews, team meetings and presentations.

Together with the Siemens team, RISE Interactive developed a visualization table solution that allows real time collaborative exploration of massive 3D models of the turbine. The CAD models are exported from Siemens’ system and presented on a 55” multi-touch system, allowing teams to explore the turbine using an intuitive user interface. The solution helps users to interact with the entire turbine, from the surrounding building down to the smallest bolt.

It’s a fascinating experience for existing and potential customers to explore the design of a gas turbines in such depth, and to learn more about the turbine features and benefits in this interactive way”, says Madeleine Davidsson at Siemens Corporate Communications in Finspång.

Unlike most traditional 3D CAD systems, this tool is faster and more responsive, despite the enormous amount of data and the high level of detail. This has proven to be vital for efficient collaborative sessions and impressive presentations. The solution also turned out to be a very efficient tool for marketing and is now being used for global marketing of the gas turbine segment by Siemens AG.



This tool can be used in a large varitety of industry sectors working with 3D CAD systems for Product Design & Manufacturing. Examples of industries are Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Products and Industrial Equipment. 

The application areas are endless and include design reviews, team meetings, presentations, marketing, sales, training and education, sensor data visualization and documentation.


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