Tango has been captured and transformed, realtime, in a dynamic digital sculpture.
This happened June 25th, during the Midnight Light Tango Festival at Sliperiet, Umeå University, Sweden as a collaboration of world-class dancers Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh and Murat Erdemsel and RISE Interactive (formerly called Interactive Institute), with the contribution of Umeå Institute of Design. 

This project has been an exploration of the potential of a newly acquired portable motion capture system, made available by Sliperiet. It has mostly scrutinized technical possibilities for motion aquisition and expressive possibilitie of the related visualisations. Collaborating with amazing dancers, open to investigate the opportunities that such a technique provides, has opened the doors for exciting future developments. These ways of annotating complex movement offer, for instance, exciting openings in dissecting how to design for richness in interaction. 

Live 3D Motion Graphics Performance designed by Stoffel Kuenen, Willem Zwagers, Olov Långström, Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh, Murat Erdemsel and Ambra Trotto.