ProjectMIND - Multimodal Information Display

MIND - Multimodal Information Display

More complex information flows in industrial control rooms raise the risk that operators will become distracted and confused, as well as sensorially and cognitively overloaded, in demanding situations. New multimodal interfaces, which consider human capabilities and the affordances of our sensory modalities, may offer better solutions. Alarms serve to alert operators to deviations from normal conditions and enable them to react appropriately to prevent physical and economic loss. The speed and accuracy with which operators can identify alarms are crucial to effectiveness.

Building onto previous work on informative alarm sounds, MIND combines visual and auditory cues giving the user a choice of preference, while being less sensitive to sensory masking (e.g. by concurrent sound), overload and impairments. 

Concepts have been developed and tested in a local paper mill, Smurfit Kappa Kraftliner, through a highly user-driven process we've developed multimodal information displays for two control rooms covering a total of twelve production sections.