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Meeting to GO

Matter of Movement at the Office and Outdoor for Virtuous Explorations and Experiences


Many professions has transformed into office-work. Sitting in front of a computer screen interacting with digital material through touchpads, keyboards and mice is commonly seen, as is attending sedentary meetings. Work-tools such as laptops, tablets and smartphones are described as mobile but the interaction tends to mainly be performed sedentary.

One of the major societal challenges today is low levels of physical activity and sedentary behavior due to its negative impact on health and wellbeing in the long run.


We approach this area from a design-oriented perspective and explore ways to support walking meetings through the development of non-intrusive technology. We use of theories, methods and notions such as gamification, physical activity, physical literacy when developing technologies enhancing motivation to be physical active during different office work settings. Within the project there are competence in interaction design, embodied interaction and Movement Acumen Design –including percipience, insightfulness, and sensitivity in, for, and through movement (Tobiasson, 2015).

Data from a pre-study is guiding the design and we have developed and in small scale tested a first prototype of a walking-meeting support system. Functionalities included has been setting up a meeting structure on a smart-phone. You can invite peers to the meeting, take photos, notes and they are stored in a database.  The user-feedback we received included perspectives on the actual interaction:

You don't want to walk holding a phone all the time


The quality of the sound is too low


Note-taking should be done through speech-to-text


It is unstable - hard to rely on the technology

For the second version of the prototype we addressed the feed-back from the first version including flic (a blue-tooth button) to address the issue of holding the smartphone, a software for supporting speech-to-text interface and a better microphone. Next step will be to further test and receive feed-back on the second version. We are opening up Meeting to GO for master student projects. If you are a student within Interaction design, User Experience and Usability, Computer Science or Sustainability - give us a call and we meet up and discuss possibilities for collaboration. The project will end in June 2017.


Partners and people
Helena Tobiasson KTH, Dep. of Human Computer Interaction
Jan Gulliksen KTH, Dep. of Human Computer Interaction
Fredrik Nilbrink Interactive Institute Swedish ICT


Funded by
Meeting to GO is part of the research and development (Forskning och Utveckling FoU) project Med Rörelse i Tankarna –funded by afa Insurance ending November 2017.