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Medipad is a new of working with radiology workstations. The gesture-based interface enables radiologists to control their workstation with gestures instead of a mouse and keyboard. This can contribute to a more efficient way of working and ultimately change how radiologists interact with their workstation.

A big challenge for a radiologist in his everyday life is efficiency. The amount cases processed and the amount of data in each case typically increases from an already very high strain level. The radiologist sits for hours each day in front of the review workstation and every little factor that can speed up the process can collectively provide great leverage.

One area that has had very little development are new interaction tools - still traditional mouse and keyboard is completely dominant, usually in combination with a dictaphone. The ergonomics of this is poor. One example is to use the mouse wheel scrolling in the huge image stacks providing repetitive strain injuries. Another example is that it would require three or four hands to avoid switching between voice recorder, mouse and keyboard. Efficiency occurs typically through the introduction of keyboard shortcuts. It is also likely that the limitations of the tools prevent new approaches in the work methodology. There is a widespread recognition that the scrolling in stacks today is a non-viable solution, but the options still shine by its absence. Medipad is a prototype that addresses these problems.

Medipad replaces the traditional interactions devices such as keyboard, mouse and dictaphone with a simple, easy to use customizable gesture driven user interface placed on the desk in front of the user. The result is an efficient and intuitive workstation that easily can adapt to the user's need. With a few simple gestures on the adaptable user interface the user can go trough all the steps in the case review process.

Medipad at RSNA 2012. 

The Team

Medipad is developed by the RISE Interactive (formerly called Interactive Institute) in collaboration with Visualization Center C, CMIV and Medical IT-company Sectra. The project is partially supported and funded by C-Site an initiative by Norrköping Science Park.

Pressrelease from launch at Swedish radiology week (SWE)