ProjectListen - Auralization of Urban Soundscapes

Listen - Auralization of Urban Soundscapes

The goal of the project is build a demonstrator of a software system for simulation and auralization of the sound environment of an restricted urban area. The purpose of the demonstrator it to show that it is possible to listen to an urban soundscape already at the planning stage.

The sound environment in the modern cityscape is a growing problem and is a serious threat to our health and impairs the possibilities of recreation, in particular traffic noise pollution is a great and increasing environmental problem. Therefore we will focus on the simulation of road and rail-traffic noise in this project. Three scenarios will be considered:

1) a single road or railway with or without noise barrier
2) the first case but behind a build e.g. a backyard
3) case 1 heard from within an apartment though a window.

Soundscapes of the urban environment can be improved to become more pleasant and healthier if the planners and designers of this enviroment are getting involved. There need to be a shift in focus from a reductionistic quantitative perspective only considering the level of the noise towards a qualitative perspective where the experience of the observer is in focus rather than an acoustical quantity. But the qualitative aspects of a sound environment is difficult to communicate particularly to people without special training, this includes groups of people that can have a major influence on the sound environment through their decisions, e.g. politicians, governmental administrators, experts from building industry and citizens. There is a lack of means for communicating the qualitative aspects, a shortage of tool, methods and terminology. The traditional artefacts used to document and communicate sound environment are noise maps that is rather abstract and difficult to understand. There is an urgent need for a better more understandable representation of the sound environment. Auralization is an very important part of the acoustic designers toolbox and part of the solution for a better sound environmaent.

The project is financed by the Visualisation programme run by the Knowledge Foundation, the Foundation for Strategic Research, Vinnova, Vårdalstiftelsen and the Invest in Sweden Agency.

Research partners:

Stockholm University - Gösta Ekman LaboratoryInteractive Institute - SonicChalmers - Applied AcousticsKTH -Marcus Walleberg Laboratory,University College of Arts, Crafts and Design (Konstfack)

Industrial and official partners (end-users):

ÅF-IngemanssonRambøll, Danmark,WSPVägverket (Swedish Road Administration)Banverket (Swedish Rail AdministrationCity of Stockholm

Number of items: 4.

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