This project is a pre-study which will bring together cultural and creative industries, ICT companies, and companies operating in the cleantech and energy sector to work with concept development. This requires a platform and innovation environment where the partners can meet and jointly develop innovative concepts and demonstrators, with a focus on idea generation, design, and prototype development. The pre-study include amongst other things to investigate the prerequisites for the innovation environment through dialogue with companies in the three sectors, the public sector and with academia in the region. The partners are Piteå Science Park who lead the project, and Interactive Institute Swedish ICT.



The project resulted, among other things, in a mapping of methods, needs and challenges for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in cross-border innovation projects. The summaries of their experiences, technologies of interest and ideas for innovation projects were important results, which also enable to better create projects that suit SMEs.

Another important result was the expanded network of SMEs in the region of Norrbotten and Västerbotten, ready to collaborate in various areas. Furthermore, the mapping of interesting methods and tools for innovation and design will be a valuable input for future cross-border collaboration.

In collaboration with Luleå University of Technology, the project was also able to contribute in developing a model called “Inkluderande potentialer”, which is a tool for more inclusive innovation. It enables to utilize competences, interests and needs of both women and men in innovation projects. This tool has also been included in following project applications.


The project is funded by European Regional Development Fund, the County Administrative Board of Norrbotten, County Council of Norrbotten, Piteå Science Park AB and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB.