AGRIPA is a project investigating the potential and limitations, both technical and conceptual, for Audio Games on the iPhone platform. The project is looking at existing and innovative solutions to both recording content and rendering it on the platform in a game scenario.

One intended result will be a fully playable game, "iSpooks", designed to utilize both the potential of the iPhone, as well as attempting to compliment the devices social use patterns.

iSpooks was released on App Store June 12 2010. Find us on Facebook

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Research Objectives

Audio Game Research

At Interactive Institute Sonic Studio we have been researching the area of game and sounds for some years. The projects tests the limits of using audio as a key element in computer games and lately specifically for mobile platforms. The overall aim is to show the potential in sound to induce emotions and enhance an experience but as well to carry meaningful information.

There are several research aspects in this project and for this application which can be divided in two main groups:

1) Sound Driven Gaming, we have done the opposite from what is normal in computer games design. We have build the game on sound as key element and used the graphics to support instead of the other way around.

2) Eyes-Free User Interfaces, by building this game we will know more about how to build eyes-free applications.

The first aspect "Sound Driven Gaming" goes further from the earlier project Beowulf while "Eyes-Free User Interfaces starts some new research objectives for our team. The two groups of research aspects could be described like this:

Sound Driven Gaming

  • Complete the work started in the Beowulf project and answer the question"can sound drive a game application and an experience"
  • Develop a research method that is suitable for this field.
  • Investigate the commercial potential in this kind of game application.

Eyes-Free User Interface

  • Sound
  • Multi-touch
  • Accelerometer
  • Vibration


View information for participants in user tests (in Swedish)

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The Audio Game background

AGRIPA is the II Sonic Studio project that investigates the potential and limitations, both technical and conceptual, for audio games on the iPhone platform that in part resulted in the iSpooks game. The inspiration to build a fully playable audio game came from the Beowulf project where we learned that sound worked well as a gameplay driver and that the players had a rich and immersed experience. Download Beowulf for Mac at ispooks website.

Beowulf is a computer game prototype based on sound with the simple player task to find a monster and kill it. The player navigates in a system of caves where sound from the environment as well as from living creatures make up the game world. The lack of visual stimulation in the application encourages the user to utilize their own interpretive skills and create the graphic elements mentally themselves. The Beowulf project aimed at answering questions about sound’s ability to help users create inner pictures and emotional responses to a game world. Beowulf has given valuable input to the Agripa project that deepens the research on game experience for audio games.