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Interactive Riding Equipment

This project is about collecting real time data from the rider and give instant feedback to help the rider correct the body to stay in balance.  The vision is to help horseback riders maintain “the perfect seat” fast and efficiently, without having to shift focus from communicating with the horse. To have the perfect seat will also facilitate the horse to focus and to understand the aids better, instead of spending energy trying to balance the rider.

The project “Interactive riding equipment” originates from the difficulty of the rider to learn and maintain the horizontal seat. Traditionally, the rider's position is taught by instructors. However, it is difficult for the rider to practice the right position when nobody is there to instruct. It is easy to fall back into old habits and get occupied by what the horse is doing. Most of us have a low body awareness and are not able to judge our body posture correctly.

Annika Ridington is the inventor of this concept and it has been developed in a close relationship with RISE Interactive. Annika is still a major part of the project and works closely together with RISE Interactive.

The project is also in collaboration with Carlund Horse Equipment and financed by Vinnova, a Swedish government agency working under the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, and acts as the national contact agency for the EU Framework Programme for R&D. Vinnova is also the Swedish government’s expert agency within the field of innovation policy.

Interactive riding equipment has won awards at:

Venture Cup West 2014 - 1 place “Business concept” and “Peoples choice”

Annika Ridington won 2nd place with this invention in “Most innovative idea in the horse business 2015”.