ProjectInteractive 3D-model of the human body for kids

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Interactive 3D-model of the human body for kids

Teaching materials in schools become more interactive and visualized today. In NTA-digital, C-Studio had the opportunity to develop a new tool for kids to help them understand how the human body works.

Together with researchers from Linköping university, C-Studio has been part of developing the first of two themes in NTA-digital, The Human Body.

Using the tool, students can interact and discover information within a 3D-model, and be challenged with different assignments, presented with puzzles, quizzes and the task of resuscitating a digital human.

The project is financed by IVA, KVA and KAW. 

About NTA

NTA (Naturvetenskap och teknik för alla) offers pre-schools and elementary schools subjects for developing the teaching environment.The NTA-concept rests on five pillars:

  • a query based investigative approach with an experimental basis
  • access to experimentation materials in combination with well-adapted pupil and teacher guides
  • continuous professional development of teachers
  • continuous evaluation of student learning
  • collaboration between schools, municipalities, businesses and universities / colleges

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