ProjectInfinite Innovation Booklet - Navigating Complexity

Infinite Innovation Booklet - Navigating Complexity

The RISE Infinite Innovation Booklet is physical booklet to support early discussions around innovation challenges by exposing key themes that further sharpen a challenge while highlighting the inherent complexity of wicked problems: unexpected interconnections in today's innovation landscapes. This booklet is a tool to navigate this complexity and develop a concrete project plan building on the wide portfolio of innovation, research and development services offered by RISE, eventually to sketch ways in which RISE can offer their wide range of expertise towards different clients nationally and internationally.

The booklet serves as a guide in which potential clients navigate themselves through the complexity that challenges nowadays inherently possess. The participants are presented with different landscapes (e.g. technology, sustainability or societal) that they explore and use to set out the main themes for their envisioned project or plan to innovate. There is no start or beginning point. Participants simply choose the landscape that feels most close to the challenge at hand. It deliberately guides participants through all the different landscapes (Technology, Societal, Sustainability, Network, Organisational Culture, Time & Vision forcing participants to take different perspectives on their intention, creating a more systemic perspective. As soon as the key elements are defined, the participants can choose from the many different activities that RISE offers, clearly pinpointing elements in their project where RISE can add valuable insights for the process.

Through the identification of the main themes, the activities that RISE can offer and the creation of a value statement, the intention of innovation has been turned into a concrete project proposal in which the complexity of the challenge has not been oversimplified. The booklet allows for clients as well as for RISE to reconnect the future project to the vision and strategy of the company and to create a systemic perspective of the challenge at hand.