Energy use is for most of us hidden and poorly understood. In organizations such as industries, people consume a considerable amount of energy through their technologies, buildings, production and activities. Previously, studies related to the importance of behaviour for conservation of energy has mainly been carried out on households. In this project we aim to engage the employees in the electicity usage at the industries, acknowledging that function and clarity might not be enough to engage human needs and desires.

 ‘People are not always rational or striving for efficiency in their interaction with the technology; happiness, reflection, provocation and desire are also part of human life and can function as a starting point for designing new, engaging interactive environments in new contexts of use (Dunne 1999, Petersen 2004)’

The service was developed by the Interactive Institute in collaboration with Eskilstuna Municipality, Eskilstuna Energi och Miljö. The project was funded by the Energimyndigheten.

The Industrial companies participating are: Nike Hydraulics AB, Alvenius, Eskilstuna-Kuriren Printing AB, Södergren Metal AB, Solo Mechanical Solutions AB, Car-O-Liner AB, CH & Industry AB Gense.

See our design result; Watt-lite

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Associated people

Interactive Institute research team:

  • Loove Broms (Interaction Designer/PhD Student)
  • Li Jönsson (Interaction Designer/PhD Student)
  • Cecilia Katzeff (Research Director)
  • Carin Torstensson (Studio Director)
  • Sara Tunheden (Designer/Project Manager)


  • Lisa Säfwenberg
  • Elin Engquist
  • Lisa Malmberg
  • Sofia Nygren
  • Kristoffer Sjökvist