We need to find new ways of engaging people in potential serious issues by rethinking how values are embodied in products, since they influence beliefs as well as behaviours.  We see new possibilities of creating richer and innovative experiences interrelated to electricity, but there might need to be a shift in how we appoint meaning to the objects surrounding us. The potential to conserve energy in Swedish companies is over 50%. A significant part of this potential is attributed to behavior of employees. The purpose of this project is to investigate how energy use in office environments and adjacent spaces may be visualized in IT based prototypes. Engagement will serve as a force to motivate to more efficient energy use. Ten companies will be studied in relation to how the prototypes may lead to increased awareness and more efficient energy consumption.  InCharge performs long term tests of prototypes by collecting energy- and behavioural data during one year in 10 companies.

Final report can be found here: Slutrapport Incharge

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Interactive Institute research team:

  • Therese Balksjö
  • Loove Broms
  • Li Jönsson
  • Cecilia Katzeff (Project Leader)
  • Kristoffer Sjökvist
  • Carin Torstensson


  • Ida Hermansson (LTH)
  • David Molander (KTH)
  • Samuel Pierre (KTH)