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Ideas are the starting point to finding solution to problems and the answers to questions.

Idea generator invites you to think about some problems and questions. Everyone has different ideas and solutions and that is what is so great. There are no right or wrong answers.

Sometimes it feels like you suddenly understand how to solve a problem or how something can work much better. An idea is born. Being creative is about thinking in new and different ways.
It can also mean that you are good at improvising and that you are good at solving problems.

At the Idea Generator you answer a challenge by typing your ideas and you’ll see a dandelion puff-ball grow on the cloud in front of you. When the puff-ball has finished growing you can blow away all your idea-seeds. Follow your seed in a 3D landscape and check out how your idea find a place to grow. The seed now takes form of a magic flower presenting your idea to others.  After a while your flower will be part of a fantasy landscape among other people’s flowers.

All ideas can change the world, but only you can do something with your ideas!



The application Idea Generator is designed and produced by RISE Interactive (formerly called Interactive Institute) C-studio and deployed in collaboration with Norrköping Visualization Centre and Tekniska museet.
On display at Tekniska museet exhibition MegaMind in Stockholm from September 6th 2015.