ProjectHybrid Art Walk

Hybrid Art Walk

Are you traveling to, from or through Gothenburg towards a better life?

Who is following you on the road?


The Hybrid Art Walk is a mixed media experience that runs on smartphones and takes the observer on a journey through time and place while they move around a physical location. The techniques employed include image recognition and augmented reality, as well as location tracking with GPS and iBeacons.


By and with Marika Hedemyr, Maja Kekonius, Jacob Michelsen.

In co-production with the Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival.

Funding by the City of Gothenburg and Kulturbryggan

Presented as part of Gothenburg Kulturnatta 2016.



Marika Hedemyr, Choreographer/artist, artistic director

Maja Kekonius, Film maker

Jacob Michelsen, Development and design Augmented Reality technology, ICT

Lena Trapp, Animation

Petra Ahlqvist, Communication