ProjectHuman and Machine

ContactCarl Heath
Human and Machine

Human and Machine is a psycho-technological theater experiment at the crossroads between man and machine, where the aim is to explore the encounter between man and machine in a context where they are fully engaged on stage, acting, in real time.

The project is an exploration of the interaction between man and machine on a theatrical, technological and narrative plane. Using open source, technologies in visualization, neurofeedback and robot real-time control, the project intends to build a theatrical performance in which an actor through thought and action control a robot on stage, while interacting with it. The idea is to investigate and explore the human and machine relationship in a contemporary society through theatrical exploration.

Support is being sought to take the first step towards this vision, to develop technical knowledge, refine the technical management tools and learn about the technological constraints and to simultaneously collect a literary background material that can form the basis for a bigger show. The project is will be presented as a demonstrator, in a simpler form, with an actor and a robot in a performance in may 2014.

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