Homo Homini Faber

Sweden, Umeå, Rådhustorget, the heart of the city is in the process of being redesigned.
Designing how to enhance citizens’ participation in the making of this new space and designing the qualities of the in- teractions that the space will trigger.
With this one-day workshop, we will propose designerly ways to generate material value through citizen participation. The purpose is to envision, through systems and spaces, ways for citizens to engage with and relate to the city centre and symbolic heart, so that it serves them, supports their initiatives, fosters creativity, and pleasurable and construc- tive co-living and collaborations, both locally and non.

Within their everyday practice, designers are increasingly engaging with societal and political challenges. This unique opportunity will give you the possibility to work with experts, both from cultural institutions and from design research and education, with broad experience in designing for societal transformation. It will ask you to produce concepts and physical hypothesis for an assignment that will have consequences in reality. The outcomes will be further refined and, thanks to the collaboration with the Municipality of Umeå, proposed for implementation in the city.

Workshop: June 15th 2014
Presentation and discussion: June 19th 2014

Sliperiet, DRS 2014 Conference’s venue

Caroline Hummels, professor of Theory of Design at Designing Quality in Interaction Group, Dep. of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology
Ambra Trotto, senior researcher at Interactive Institute Swedish ICT and senior lecturer at UMA, Umeå
Pierre Levy, assistant professor at Designing Quality in Interaction Group, Dep. of Industrial Design, Eindhoven Uni- versity of Technology
Tara Mullaney, PhD Student at Umeå Institute of Design.

Together with:
Eindhoven University of Technology
Interactive Institute Swedish ICT
Umeå Institute of Design
Umeå Capital of Culture


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