ProjectGRIEG (Gender Roles in Emerging Games)

GRIEG (Gender Roles in Emerging Games)

GRIEG (Gender Roles in Emerging Games) is a research project in the computer games and gender field. The majority of computer games are invented and built by male developers, a fact we believe limits what kind of games that will be developed. There are without doubt countless unexplored and innovative game concepts in the female perspective just waiting to be discovered.

The research aims at mapping out and exploring possible future game applications that in a better way than today fills the needs of girls. Through focus groups with girls in the age between 17 and 19 years we are gathering data on their preferences and thoughts on future computer games. One purpose is also that ideas and conclusions from the project will be used as input to project within audio based games to create new game prototypes.

Some results in short:

Teenage girls value; their time, proper games, "useful" games, work ethics, social games and want the games to relate to the real world. What is seen as "useful" depends on the culture in which the girls live in.

The project was excuted between 2008-2009. 


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