ProjectGrand Challenges - Prototyping the Future

Grand Challenges - Prototyping the Future

We are convinced that the grand challenges of today cannot be reduced to a question of improved technology. It is clear that if we do not also change the way we live, we will not be able to achieve the changes necessary. To address issues such as these, we need a different philosophy as our starting point. We need to realize that there are important issues that are not problems for us to solve, but complex issues we need to understand.

Grand Challenges - Prototyping the Future is an initiative that builds the research, collaborations and intersections needed for understanding future challenges related to environmental and social sustainability. The goal is to create experimental environments ready to take on the grand challenges; a place where we prototype the new ways of doing and thinking and where we develop the processes necessary for turning grand challenges into new areas of research and development.

We believe that cross-agenda innovation and collaboration will be instrumental when facing the grand challenges of our time. We look for networks and interfaces not only between different research disciplines and stakeholders, but also between the problems, priorities and possibilities that in the end guide what issues social and technical development will be about. Technology plays an important part in this development, but it is not all about technology development. With this initiative, we aim to provide more than just technical solutions. We want to achieve results that has the power to initiate change as well as offer new perspectives on today’s society.