A projection example on a machine from the robot

ProjectExpert on the stick

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Expert on the stick

The Expert on a stick is an explorative project conceived for the ABB Group a world leader in Automation and Power Technologies.

Using an exciting new projection technique that can turn almost any surface within an industrial environment into a dynamic video display, We created a projection robot with specialized software and hardware which calibrates a projected image for dispay on irregularly shaped machines for the purpose of aiding techinicians in training on a factory floor.


The end result is a dynamic projection installation with real-time streaming of video and audio allowing a remotely located experienced operator to provide support using symbols and drawing utilies to highlight and inform about specific parts of the machine translating their many years of experience to the newer operator.

This system aproach opens up the possiblities of creating a translocated, hands-on tutoring and guidance system to help support aspiring factory operators.