ProjectExhibition: “To show what cannot be seen”

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Exhibition: “To show what cannot be seen”

"To show what cannot be seen" is an exhibition where the scientific lab merges with the public arena, where cutting edge research within different disciplines meets a general public. The exhibition takes you out on a visual and interactive journey to the world of scientific images and visualizations – from the lab, through the classroom, articles, movies, games and into cyberspace. A journey that raises questions about the importance of images in modern society and inspires to learn more about science.

The exhibition tells a story about the scientific image and the human visual perception, but also about the techniques that have extended and changed what we are able to see, understand and communicate. We will take a look behind the scenes on how images are created and manipulated and try to understand what happens to scientific images when they leave the research laboratories and circulate in different cultural and social contexts.

Visitors can learn about how food consumtion affects the environment in the "Everyday" section of the exhibition.The visitors are able to explore cutting edge technology such as haptics, multi touch interfaces, stereoscopy, camera tracking and other techniques that are used within today’s visualization and user interaction research.

"To show what cannot be seen" is the permanent exhibition at the Norrköping Visualization Centre that opened in May 2010. The exhibition consists of 10-15 interactive installations.

The project is a collaboration between RISE Interactive (formerly called Interactive Institute) C-studio, Citilab, Linköping University, the architect studio Spridd, the graphic design studio Hjärta Smärta and several other external partners.

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