ProjectExhibition: The Hidden City

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Exhibition: The Hidden City

The Hidden City is an installation that visualizes the eco-industrial system that supports the city of Norrköping. The installation is located at the Norrköping Visualization center.


There are several more or less hidden services in our society that help us to live a comfortable and healthy life. For example, we expect that someone will take care of our waste and that our buildings will be heated. The environmental impact of these services vary depending on how they work and interact. On Händelö outside Norrköping you will find many of the facilities that serve the city. Through collaboration, one facility’s byproduct becomes the raw product of another. This reduces the environmental impact such as lowering carbon emissions.



Among other facilities you will find Händelöverket, which delivers district heating and electricity to Norrköping. Händelöverket also delivers process steam to the industry in the vicinity, which otherwise would have had to produce the energy on its own. This so called eco-industrial system is one of the world’s most efficient and is unique in its kind. The eco-industrial system has been developed through a trusting interaction between both business and society, where the companies let their business models cooperate.


The Hidden City is a result from the research program The sustainable city - Norrköping.