ProjectEvaluation of Framtidsgränd

Evaluation of Framtidsgränd

During the spring (2014) eighteen households have moved into a retrofitted apartment building called Framtidsgränd in Vallby, Västerås. All units have been renovated to “meet the needs of the future” and have been equipped with home automation systems and technical solutions adapted for the smart grid. These include solar panels on the balcony, a home/away- button installed in the hallway, electricity meters and controllable power outlets, etc. The households will also be provided with feedback on their energy use and production.

Researchers from the Interactive Institute Swedish ICT are responsible for conducting the evaluation study, where the household’s experiences of having access to technology for the smart grid and micro-production of solar electricity will be assessed and analyzed. Focus will be on the household’s relation to the technology installed in their apartments and how everyday practices are formed around it. Ultimately the goal is to reach a better understanding of people's experience of access to smart electricity network technologies in general.