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RISE Acreo and RISE Interactive (formerly called Interactive Institute) will together with IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and four other partners within the project “Environmental weather - information about air pollution in the user´s immediate surroundings”. Sensors will be installed around Gothenburg that allows users - who range from individuals, schools and businesses to public authorities and researchers - see how much sound and air pollution they are exposed to. With this "environmental weather" information accessible, people can make active choices benefitting their health, for example by planning their transport routes.

The project will install fifty sensors, each measuring nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter and noise, which are good indicators of air pollution in a city. The sensors will cover an area around the traffic interchange Korsvägen and Gårda in Gothenburg and placed at schools, kindergartens, streets and at the Tingstad tunnel. The project will also provide user friendly visualizations on the information and provide an education material that can be used in schools to learn about pollution and how it can be changed.

Gothenburg City, which is chosen as project demonstration area, is a traffic intensive city where road traffic is the source of pollutants that affect air pollution levels at street level most, leading to poorer health for residents. The city has adopted an environmental objective for fresh air, which among other things means that the annual mean value of nitrogen dioxide must be less than 20 g/m3 at 95 percent of all schools and kindergartens in 2020. To achieve this goal, a variety of improvements need to be made.

Cities, starting with the city of Gothenburg, should by “Environmental Weather” receive support in their efforts to prioritize environmental improvements. Scientists can use the data from the service both to show the connection between health and the local environment and to evaluate the cost of different air improvement measures.

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