ProjectEnergy Coach

Energy Coach

We have noticed a desire with individuals to positively change and effect their energy consumption, a major issue is that few people know how to. Studies show that better and more coherent feedback increases people´s awareness whilst lowering their energy consumption by up to 20%. The purpose for this project is to investigate and study how great an effect those interventions have by giving 20 households access to the project for two months.The project is funded be Vinnova, and is made in cooperation with Svenska Energigruppen and Mobile Interaction. Partners are Eskilstuna Energi och Miljö and Snopptorps villaägarförening.

See our design result; Energy Coach

Associated people

Interactive Institute research team:

Jonas Andersson
Cecilia Katzeff
Åsa Nyblom
Carin Torstensson (Project Leader)
Sara Tunheden