ProjectEnergy Visualization in the City of Gothenburg

Energy Visualization in the City of Gothenburg

More than half of the citizens of the world are today living in urban settlements. The city as an “urban metabolism”, were growth and development is performed in a sustainable way will be necessary in order to reach the regional and global environmental climate goals.

A target in this current project has been to make citizens aware of the city’s (including their own) energy use and to inform and motivate people in using energy more efficiently. The result of the project is a software inside an interactive touch screen for outdoor use.

The software is based on the technology developed in the Urban Smart Grid project at Interactive Institute and consists of a detailed 3D-map over the city of Gothenburg. On top of the map is a “layer” of energy information. The tool visualizes how much electricity that has been used every hour in the center of Gothenburg during the last years, compared to the official goal of a 25% reduction of the energy use by year 2013. The user can interact with the tool and get more information about the project and the energy use by touching the screen. This tool will be placed in Korsgatan in the city center, where it can be seen and used by everyone passing by.



The project have been financed by the Swedish Energy Agency and is a cooperation between Interactive Institute with help from IMCG and in close contact with Innerstaden Göteborg, Göteborg Energi, Fastighetsägarna and Clear Channel.