ProjectEnergy in a Box

Energy in a Box

In order to reach the international (EU) goal of a 20% decline in energy use, a change in behavior and attitudes is necessary. Education is an important component in the work of increasing peoples knowledge and their ability and attitude towards help solving environmental issues, for example by a change in habits when it comes to energy use.
With the new Swedish School Program (Lgr11), introduced year 2011, there is a need of new methods and tools to be implemented in the education. Unfortunately, trends show that the interest of nature science subjects is fading among students.

The project Energy in a Box aims at breaking this trend: Technology and Physics class must become exciting, inspiring and not the least, connect to the students “real life” outside of the school walls!
A tool box full of activities, methods and tools have been developed in the project and adjusted to the school program for the grades 4-9. Included in the box is Watt-lite Twist – “the energy meter with a twist”, a product developed in an earlier project at Interactive Institute.

The intension with Watt-lite Twist is to encourage an explorative use and it is educating about electricity use in an engaging way. It can act as an ambient display reminding and informing about the state of energy as one passes by or as a tool for taking measures, requiring active participation.
The project is financed by the Swedish Energy Agency.