ProjectDome film: Framtiden på C

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Dome film: Framtiden på C

A domeproduction with colorful 2D-animations, produced with NVAB and Norrköping municipality to communicate soicetal and environmental trends that will affect the municipality services now, and in the comming 10 years. The film was produced as the first step to support a construcive dialoge amongst 10 000 co-workers in the municipality. How can we be proactive and start designing solutions for tackeling the future challenges?

With the immersive dome format, the aim was to create an engaging experience while communicating the key factors that will have an impact on servies in the near future for the municipality of Norrköping. The dome production was also part of introducing the following workshop activity that participants would attend.

Around 10 000 perople form the municipality will view the presentation and participate in the workshop during the autumn of 2016 . C-studios role was to creat a look and feel that could communicate the trends, in a coheerent and interesting way. The visual material would be used both in the dome, but also for the project to create extended visual material for the workshop activities, and in a web form that have been used to collect workshop results. 


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Here you can also follow the result from the workshops!/all/all/all

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