ProjectDIHE - Digital Intangible Heritage of Europe

DIHE - Digital Intangible Heritage of Europe

DIHE is, to some extent, the European replica to DIHA (Digital Intangible Heritage of Asia). DIHE was founded in 2012 as a joint venture between RISE Interactive (formerly called Interactive Institute) and the Digital Heritage Center in Sweden.

Unlike its Asian counterpart, which is a university-driven initiative, DIHE will be based at an R&D institute that, since its foundation in 1998, has been involved in cutting-edge research and innovations at the crossroad between a variety of disciplines and sectors. DIHE will seek to be a truly participatory cluster, and will channel all its efforts towards creating a sustainable framework for communication with and engagement of all interested stakeholders – researchers, artists, cultural practitioners and institutions, SME’s from the creative and ICT sectors, policy and decision making bodies.

Methodologically, DIHE will continue to develop and expand the interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral approach endorsed so far by RISE Interactive and Digital Heritage Center that spans across visitor and museum studies, interaction design, humancomputer interaction and cultural studies and ethnography. Thismethodological and theoretical framework will be augmented by recruiting related fields such as cognitive and affective sciences, or cognitive semiotics – a younger discipline entirely dedicated to furthering a thorough understanding of meaningmaking processes across modalities and communication channels.

Two main areas of interest will drive the actions and initiatives undertaken by DIHE in the near future.

1. Research, artistic creation and exploration in the field of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH), whose intricate and diversified aspects we aim to investigate from a variety of perspectives, focusing on both content and expressionof ICH, as well as on the interplay between them. This initiative, in turn, will involve: i) research activities dedicated to unravelling European ICH by collecting a significant amount of empirical data; ii) creative and research activities for contributing to establishing new methodologies and standards for the identification, documentation, archiving and visualization of ICH; iii) creative and prototyping activities leading to digital applications that will promote the engagement of a variety of audiences, as well as open access to ICH-related content and issues.

2. Transfer of methods and standards for the indentification, documentation, archiving and visualization of Intangible Cultural Heritage between the fields and sectors involved. This will continue the tradition of academic curricula, vocational courses, know-how books, interactive and travelling exhibitions initiated by RISE Interactive and Digital Heritage Center.