DigiPath workstation


Key Areas

DigiPath is a workstation prototype exploring new ways of working with digitized histology images. By using new interaction devices such as multi-touch surfaces and 3D interaction devices we are aiming to create a faster workflow, higher diagnostics precision and improved ergonomics for pathologists.

The traditional histopathology workflow uses microscopes and glass slides to examine tissue, for example in cancer care. Working with a microscope requires access to the physical glass slides, and tasks, such as measuring and comparing tissue, can be time consuming. The tradtional workstation design can result in static postures and bad ergonomics.

Digitized histology images enable the implementation of new high-precision tools that are not available for physical microscopy glass slides, such as continuous panning and zooming, high precision distance and area measuring, and automatic image analysis. It also enables the pathologists to add labels and bookmarks and to sync and compare multiple glass slides side-to-side. Furthermore, with no need for access to the physical glass slides, the technology opens up the possibility for pathologists and hospitals to easily share cases, require expert input, and to outsource tasks.

DigiPath explores the use of different human interface devices (HID) to navigate in the digital histology images. The traditional approach of using a mouse to pan and zoom in digital images results in many repetetive and possibly strenuous gestures. In this project a well structured platform has been developed to easily add support for additional HIDs, such as multi touch tablets, joysticks, and 3D interaction devices. These devices are, by themselves, powerful and intuitive tools for fundamental image navigation and require only small and non-repetitive user gestures. When used as a supplement to the traditional mouse the true power comes to show, as the pathologist can use the mouse for high-precision tools, e.g. distance and area measuring, and the additional HID for simultaneous navigation.

DigiPath is developed in collaboration with the medical IT company Sectra and is a part of the project "Optimized flows and IT tools for digital pathology". The project is headed by CMIV and consist of a consortium of nine county councils/care providers (Gävleborg, Jönköping, Kalmar, Norrlandstingen, Sahlgrenska and Östergötland) and the industrial research institute Swerea IVF.