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Dare to Talk is an iPhone application and learning structure for groups of people to support each other while using their everyday activities as a resource for language learning.

It is part of the “Language As Participation” program. This is a design research program made up of a variety of projects, courses and other efforts that explore the integration of participation in daily life and language use and learning. Dare to Talk was developed from the initial concepts in the Språkskap project, and during the early stages of the Icelandic Village project. The overriding model is that everyday interactions between language learners and speakers of that language (the local language) provide great potential for stimulating language learning.



Update: The App is no longer available on Apple Store. We are currently using other support software to support this appoach of using everyday activities as a basis for experiential language learning. 

For the Learners Guide to Dare to Talk, click here.

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For 'Talksheet' the paper version of the app, click here