Demo of KOL project at Karolinska

ProjectCOPD - Home Treatment of Patients with Chronic Respiratory Insufficiency

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COPD - Home Treatment of Patients with Chronic Respiratory Insufficiency

Demonstration of the solution at Karolinska University Hospital June 15, 2016.

SICS leads a project making a telemedicine solution for treatment of Chronic Respiratory Insufficiency (COPD) patients at home happen in reality. All aspects – technical, economical, and medical – are taken into consideration including acceptance of new technology by the patients and medical professionals.

The project has now reached the testing stage. The concept developed in the project will be implemented for home treatment of 100 COPD patients. At the same time new professional roles for care coordination and technical support suggested by the project will be verified.

Se projektbeskrivning på svenska.

Interview of Carina Levander, who suffers from COPD and who is trying the system at home in 2017. There will be sound (in Swedish) after 23 sec:


Project description

COPD, Chronic Respiratory Insufficiency, (KOL in Swedish) is a lung disease causing severe suffering for the patient. 700 000 people suffer from the disease in Sweden and it is very costly for Swedish society: 9 Billion SEK annually. A small portion of the patients is associated with a large part of the cost.

Significant improvements for the lung clinic and for the patients will be attained when a telemedicine solution for treatment of oxygen patients at home can be introduced. This means introducing measurements at home and a distant control of, for instance, oxygen equipment. The solution also includes video communication between the patient at home and the care giving lung clinic.

In this project, all aspects of a telemedicine solution – practical, technical, economical and patient related – are taken into account, leading to a broad implementation.  To develop and get acceptance from all parties on telemedicine solutions many areas need to be investigated, modified and integrated. A secure communication solution from the home to hospital needs to be introduced. Further the solution needs to be integrated into the hospital system together with modified clinical processes. The right parameters need to be measured at home in an efficient and acceptable way for the patients. Quality of life, in conjunction with introducing new technology for the patients, needs to be studied.

A consortium of different actors is gathered in this project. Medical doctors from the Lung Clinic at Karolinska University Hospital are part of the project and participate as problem owners. The patient organization Hjärt- och Lungsjukas Riksförbund is part of the project as requirement owners. Altogether the group has all the expertise needed to develop a total solution with the patient in the center. The solution will be altered for different home care situations and for other community services as well. New research will be included in the project and results and experiences from other projects will be taken into account.



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