Making a 3D printer at Collaboratory

Collaboratory is a project, process and concept - a next generation maker space, a participatory DIY environment for co-creation, research and development, experimentation and innovation at the intersection of technology, art, craft, learning and design. It has its focus on games and film, ICT, and technological and social innovation. We aim to develop the Collaboratory to a unique and leading maker environment for participatory culture, playcentric expressions, communication architectures and innovation in Sweden, with global collaborations. Collaboratory consists of both a global network, and a local space at the Gothenburg film and games village at Polstjärnegatan 14 Lindholmen.

This is a collaborative initiative between a number of people and organisations, founded by Jasmine Idun Lyman at Story architect. Major contributors to Collaboratory are Gothenburg Film Studios and Interactive Institute Swedish ICT.

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