Energy Aware Clock



In the project Clockwise, we study the use Energy AWARE Clock in ten households in Ursvik, Sweden. Research is made in cooperation with NCC.

NCC is the builder of the houses where the ten Energy AWARE Clocks are installed. The aim of the study is to identify key characteristics in households' behaviour in relation to Energy AWARE Clock. The main topics are:              •

  • The role of the clock in relation to households' awareness of their energy consumption
  • The change of the households' experience of Energy AWARE Clock over time
  • The role of Energy AWARE Clock for the interaction between the individuals in the household

The relationship between Energy Aware Clock's display of information and users' comprehension of their energy useThe project started in September 2008 and continues to August 2009. Energy AWARE Clock will be in the households in Ursvik from January to March 2009.This research project is financed by CERBOF - The Swedish Energy Agency's program for research and innovation within energy efficiancy.

See our design result; Energy AWARE Clock 

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Associated people

Interactive Institute research team:

Jonas Andersson
Cecilia Katzeff
Åsa Nyblom
Christina Öhman (Project Leader)

Associated people from external organizations:

Ulrika Haag, NCC
Jeanette Henriksson, NCC
Jan-Ulric Sjögren, NCC
Jenny Winblad, NCC