Food Planner is the result of the Swedish research project Checkout, which aims to reach a more sustainable food shopping. The project is a collaboration between RISE Interactive (formerly called Interactive Institute), Doberman and Mataffä It was partly funded by Vinnova in 2011 within the Var Dags IT-program.

We all know that the choices we make everyday have a substantial impact on our environment. The target of reaching a more sustainable development means that we as consumers must become aware of and change our everyday behavior. This is especially important when it comes to what we eat, since food is related to a large part of our environmental problems. This is why we created Food Planner, an online shopping service that helps us to make better food choices. We have realized that we cannot think about sustainability alone as we also are concerned about how the food we eat affects our health and our economy. Equally important, we want to be inspired and eat the food that we love. So how can we get people motivated to change the way they eat? In collaboration with users and the market we worked through an extensive consumer insight process where multiple opportunities were identified. The core idea that crystallized was simple; bring the joy in to sustainable shopping! A new service proposition was centered around a new approach for online grocery shopping that not just would inspire the customers to a sustainable mindset - it will add fun to their everyday life. The service uses game mechanics and intuitive data visualization as important themes. The result is a service that makes the purchasing process as simple as possible: choosing the courses we want to eat, getting smart feedback so that our choices support our goals and having fun while doing it.


The project originates from the research program Reclaim Your Data at RISE Interactive. Reclaim Your Data is based on the fundamental belief that access to important data is a question of democracy. As people use services in their daily lives a lot of data is generated, analyzed and stored about their behavior. This knowledge about consumers is used to empower companies and organizations in their decision-making. Such data is unfortunately usually not within reach for the consumers. The aim of Reclaim Your Data is to provide this data to it’s originators - the consumers. By visualizing their stored data, we can help them to become aware of their own behavior, in terms of environment, health and economy. Based on this new knowledge we can also coach people in their decision-making, to help them pursuit their own goals. RISE Interactive has been working on a series of design examples within this area, and Checkout is the latest project in this work.

Sustainability By Points

Keeping track of environmental impact of food products is an overwhelming task for the average food consumer. Therefore we have developed a prototype point system where we assign different points to the food courses. With this system we can roughly indicate the environmental performance of one course where we have set a first target of using 10 points per day. This would mean a decrease of climate gas discharge of 25 % compared to the current Swedish food consumption. The current version is only based on climate gas discharge, but could potentially include other environmental effects. This system is just a prototype and needs real data and more development before being put into use.

Food Planner from Visualiseringscenter C on Vimeo.


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