The research project CHANGE is a collaboration between Ergonomidesign, Interactive Institute and Sveriges Konsumenter, funded by VINNOVA. It starts in August 2008 and will go on for a year.

CHANGE investigates seamless mobile and stationary IT solutions for contextualized visual awareness of one’s personal economy. The aim is to support consumers in improving their financial management sensibilities in a variety of daily circumstances with a focus on availability and usability in situations and contexts where they are most valuable for influencing behavior. 

To begin exploring changes in stability within the life-long cycle of the personal economical flow, we have identified two major transitional stages that are defined by novelty and high risk in relation to financial realities: young professionals moving from student life to professional life, maturing households moving from carefree spending to a more purposeful saving and investment attitude often associated with becoming responsible or starting a family.   In this project, we will develop an IT demonstrator, a device or software application that visualizes important financial information in contexts relevant for financial management in an easy-to-use, and grounded models of problem area, future use scenarios, and development and marketing potential. To do so, we will work with User-centered Innovation, a tested model of user-centered innovation within a complex problem area involving public advocacy, design consultancy, and critical research.