ProjectCelsius: Combined Efficient Large Scale Integrated Urban Systems

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Celsius: Combined Efficient Large Scale Integrated Urban Systems

A CELSIUS City is the imaginary city of our sustainable future exhibiting a fully integrated approach to city energy flows, both energy generation and consumption, with extensive intelligent, energy efficient and competitive heating and cooling systems at the very center of its energy infrastructure. Interactive Institute Energy Design, one of 21 EU partners, brings its diverse and international expertise in the area of behavior acceptance and visualization through a user-centered design approach to acquire a deep understanding of the attitudes, motivations, political realities, legislative and governance frameworks, at a local, regional, national and EU level in order to gain an appropriate level of acceptance of new technologies and their deployment.

12 new technically and economically innovative demonstrators are being built, and another 20+ in operation will be used to demonstrate the complete CELSIUS concept.  The information and experience provided by these demonstrators will be turned into a Celsius Roadmap in order to enable large-scale deployment of tailored low carbon resource efficient and economically viable smart heating and cooling solutions throughout Europe. The CELSIUS Roadmap also aims to support the development of legislation, regulation and policy that accompany deployment of large-scale urban heating and cooling systems.

RISE Interactive (formerly called Interactive Institute) has contributed to the project by compiling knowledge on end user related aspects of heating, including aspects as comfort and well-being. Also a diary method has been developed for creating understanding for district heating systems with various residents in the connected countries. Another contribution is the development of a concept targeted towards housing coorperations and apartment buildng owners to manage and optimize the heating in their building, by providing insight into temperature distribution in the building. The project has created a Wiki toolbox for new Celsius cities that holds the social and technical knowledge from connected cities, which is currently analysed by II:



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Celsius Partners

Göteborgs Stad (City of Gothenburg)
Göteborg Energi AB (Gothenburg Utility)
Stadt Köln (Cologne City)
RheinEnergie AG (Cologne Utility)
Greater London Authority
UK Power Networks (London Utility)
Islington Council (London City)
Gemeente Rotterdam (Rotterdam City)
N.V. Nuon Energy (Rotterdam Utility)
Warmtebedrijf Infra (Rotterdam Utility)
Comune di Genova (Genoa City)
Genova Reti Gas S.r.I. (Genoa Utility)
D’Appolonia S.p.A.
SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut
London School of Economics
Imperial College London
Technische Universiteit Delft
Fachhochschule Köln
Università degli Studi di Genova
IMCG Sweden AB