CBRNE Learning

CBRNE Learning is a joint research project between RISE Interactive (formerly called Interactive Institute) and PKMC,  Prehospitalt och Katastrofmedicinskt Centrum. The project aims to develop a pilot platform for learning about issues pertaining to CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives) incidents and protection against CBRNE threats. The CBRNE Learning platform and its content will be used by all agencies who work with these issues, such as police, rescue services, fire departments, the health care system, the armed forces, customs, and several others. This pilot project includes the design of an open source learning platform, as well as pilot content designed towards the special needs of the target groups.

The project started in August 2013 and will end in December 2015. Partners in the project are PKMC (Prehospitalt- och Katastrofmedicinskt Centrum) and RISE Interactive. Funding is recieved by MSB (Myndigheten för Samhällsskydd och Beredskap).

Working with user-centered design to approach complex problems in digital learning is of great value.
Johan Aremyr, planning manager,  Prehospital and Disaster Medicine Centre