It is a widely accepted truth that technical advancements improve computer game experiences. But the risk is that all those technically dazzling photorealistic real-time 3D-environments are visually too detailed and tell us too much. A game that leaves us with no room for filling in parts of the experience with our own inner pictures and other sensations, run the risk of being boring and un-engaging.

We stress the importance and benefits of developing technique that let people use, reflect on and develop their own capabilities to move, to imagine and to feel, and not only replace these abilities with computer technology. Beowulf is a project that shifts focus from eye to ear in a computer game application in order to start answering questions about sound’s ability to help users create inner, mental pictures and emotional responses to a game world. Can removing components from a computer game concept enhance the experience? Is less more?

The research result shows that a game based entirely on sound engages the player in a very profound way and the individual game world created in the players mind differs a lot from person to person.

Download Beowulf for Mac (at iSpooks website) and play the game!

View and listen to a video clip of the audio game being played (30 sec). What will your inner picture look like? 



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Örtqvist, Daniel and Liljedahl, Mats (2010) Immersion and Gameplay Experience: A Contingency Framework. International Journal of Computer Games Technology, 2010 .

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