ProjectAutomated Vehicle Communication (ADVICE)

Automated Vehicle Communication (ADVICE)

Future automated vechicles will exist in mixed traffic environments, alongside manual vehicles and unprotected road-users, such as pedestrians. With increased automation the role of the driver will change from an active driver to a passive passenger. Understanding each other’s intent is crucial for safe and pleasant interactions between road-users. When automated vehicles are introduced in our traffic system, some of these interactions may be impaired, while some others may be improved. The question is: Will there be new communication needs to warrant safe interactions with automated and cooperative vehicles? 


The project investigates future external interfaces for automated vehicles, to increase safety in a mixed traffic environment. Tests will be conducted to evaluate two scenarios: Interaction between automated and manual vehicles as well as interaction between automated vehicles and pedestrias. The project is a collaboration with Viktoria Swedish ICT, AstaZero, Autoliv, SAFER, Högskolan i Halmstad, Semcon, Sentient+, Volvo Cars and Volvo Group.