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Augmented Table Tennis

The augmented table tennis project explores how technology can visualize information information that is not perceivable by players and coaches in professional sports training. Technology have tremendous potential within the area of professional training and is essential to translate performance into appropriate feedback towards improving motor skill acquisation and self-consciousness. The augmented table tennis project was a collaboration between the elite sprorts training center Centre D'alt Rendiment Esportiu in San Cugat, Spain and RISE Interactive. The project was partially funded as an explorative demonstrator by the EU project Experimedia.

Wihthin the project a prototype of and augmented table tennis table was designed and implemented, building upon the project PingPong++ by the Tangible Media Group at MIT Media Labs. Whereas the original project was build for leisure and aesthetics, the augmented table tennis table uses improved software and hardware in order to be useful in the context of elite sport's training.