How get people from the TV-sofa to come and watch games live at the football arena?

The goal for the Arena project is to invent, design and develop innovative IT-services to enhance the live arena experience and add value before, during and after the game. To actually create services that are wanted, and adapted for the supporters at the game, ethnographical methods and user participation will be central in the design process. 

Interactive Institute will lead the design process of the Arena project. We will manage the initial field study, the concept generation and evaluation through user participation. Finally we will evaluate the service in cooperation with users.

In cooperation with:

IMCG, AYB, Svenska Spel, IFK Göteborg, AIK, Black Army, Änglarna



Associated people

Interactive Institute research team:

  • Ingemar Karlsson
  • Åsa Nyblom
  • Carin Torstensson
  • Sara Tunheden