Planet earth from afar

ProjectAlmagest: creating Visual Stories of Climate Change

Key Areas
Almagest: creating Visual Stories of Climate Change

Future climate scenarios come to life in front of an audience with the support of visualised stories of climate change as a backdrop to presentations given by scientists. Climate research, models and simulations developed by SMHI are transformed into compelling visual stories with support from Visualization Center C and the help of ALMAGEST, a digital software tool developed by C-studio. 


Climate scientists are able to easily create and present their research in an understandable and engaging way to students, politicians and the general public in settings such as the travelling Geodome using ALMAGEST. 


A virtual model of the earth overlaid with maps, geographical information, multimedia and data illustrate the impact of our actions on the environment at the local and global level. Planet Earth is presented not just factually but with carefully considered aesthetics and a filmmaking approach to animations journeying us around the globe, presenting it as a protagonist whose story we should care about.