ProjectAgents Against Power Waste

Agents Against Power Waste

The project aims at creating a framework for an annually recurring campaign for energy savings in Sweden. In a new and interactive way we will learn youths and their families how to save energy in their households withthe help of cell phones working together with smart meters. We are aiming at youths in their mid teens because we believe that we carry habits and behaviors with us in life and therefore it is important to set earlyexamples. This target group are easy to absorb information through different approaches such as cell phone games and the internet.

New techniques such as cell phones working together with smart meters and a central web site for statistics will be used. In order for the youths to prepare themselves for the competition they will be educated in energyand climate issues. We will reuse any material fit to this project that will be adapt to the means of our education. The game Power Agent is developed by The Interactive Institute and a previous study hasconfirmed a large decrease of the usage of domestic electricity during the game period.


Associated people

Interactive Institute research team:

  • Anton Gustafsson
  • Cecilia Katzeff
  • Carin Torstensson
  • Sara Tunheden (Project Leader)


  • Mattias Svahn (PhD Student Handelshögskolan i Stockholm)