ProjectAdding audio to a 3D-city map

Adding audio to a 3D-city map

Sound and noise in urban spaces is a wide research area that offers a lot to be discovered. In this project we focus on exploration where an interactive 3D-city map is combined with a a sound layer. Together, sight and sound can enhance the preception of a space and also inform a user about factors that have impact on how we experience our environment. How might future buildings, bilding sites, electric cars or other sound sources impact us? 

Our studio in Piteå have research sound around electric and automated cars, and will now provide sounds which our C-studio in Norrköping is adding to an interactive 3D-city map which has previous been used to develop other protoypes in connection to urban planning; Urban explorer, World Sketcher etc.

The C-studio has during the autumn been experimenting with the 3D-map in virtual reality, allowing users to move parts of Norrköping city (which is split into square tiles at the moment). But also looking at the transition between a birds-eye view of the city and quickly moving down to street level. Bridging the planning perspective and overview with the street-level experience.

This is the basis for the experiments in this project, where we try to better understand how technology can support experiences that provide a better understanding for users, through multi-sencory and immersive settings, around urban planning. With interactivity, mobility and immersion, this project scope is an interesting platform for future projects.