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6000 Steps App

The App gives its user the ability to set personal walking goals. The application runs in the background and counts the steps the user has walked. Additionally, one can open the app at any time to see how many steps have been walked during the course of the day. The user receives feedback in the form of vibrations when milestones have been reached, such as fulfilling half or the entire planned route.

This project is a product of a collaborative effort with NordINC

With grants from the European Regional Development Fund- Botnia Atlantica, Region Västerbotten and Region Österbotten we are setting up a center of competence for physical activity and health.

One of our goals is to develop the field of physical activity for health. The investment is also supposed to lead to new products and services such as mobile applications, webservices, new treatment strategies in public healthcare as well as hardware and sensors in clothing and equipment. 

We aim to connect actors from academy, sports associations, business and the public sector in the quark region. We want to put physical activity and health on the map by stimulating innovation and development. The center will be focusing on research, innovation and competence development within the area.


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