Project3D-animations illustrating climate change

Key Areas
3D-animations illustrating climate change

This project was about communicating the effects and new situations that climate change poses, using graphical 3D animations in a dome film production. 

Together with SMHI, NVAB produced a dome film about what the effects the climate change will have in different areas of society. The message is that we have to prepare our city development accordingly, and also start handling the risks that we already see with the rising sea levels and storms. The C-studio helped out with animating 3D-graphics that illustrated the effects and changes that warmer climate brings. 

The film will be shown in the dome at Visualization center C and the geo-dome. There is also a flatscreen version of the film on SMHI:s website

The project began in november 2015 and the film premiered in march 2016 at Visualization center C. The title of the film is "Stigande Hav" (eng. Rising seas).