Wired UK: Swedish museum digitises Egyptian mummies

2 July, 2013 - 22:41

Wired UK reports about Inside Explorer: "Swedish museum digitises Egyptian mummies"

"The Medelhavsmuseet in Stockholm has 3D-scanned its collection of Egyptian mummies and will soon allow visitors to see below their wraps.

The museum scanned the mummies with X-rays and took photos, combining the two together to create high-resolution three-dimensional digital models. The museum calls this process "reality capture".

"We aim to set a new standard for how museums work with 3D digitisation and interactive visualisation to make collections more accessible to other museums, researchers and museum visitors," Thomas Rydell of the Swedish Interactive Institute told the BBC.

"In this project we are working with mummies, but the same methods could of course be used on large variety of objects, such as natural history objects and other historical artefacts."

A permanent exhibition featuring the mummies will open in Spring 2014 at the Medelhavsmuseet in Stockholm."