Watch studio director Ambra Trotto live at TEDx Umeå

23 April, 2015 - 08:56

As a part of TEDx Umeå, Interactive Institutes Ambra Trotto, studio director in Umeå and senior lecturer will participate with a talk about interaction design. You can follow the talk, that starts 10.20, live via Livestream:


Spaces are absence, the absence in which people can move about, perceive, experience and therefore conceive, between built materials.
The interaction is the dynamic vacuum, existing between people’s bodies (and related perceptive abilities) and the palpable part of products or systems.
Meaning arises exactly in this vacuum, which is fluid and changes accordingly to people’s moving about in the space. The absence reacts to people and in this absence, intrinsically meaningful experiences emanate. If we want to design for meaning, we might consider to focus on designing the qualities of a dynamic absence in a space, no matter how intelligent this is.