Visual Voltage workshop and finissage in Berlin.

28 January, 2010 - 13:18

To deepen the discussion about the topic of the exhibition Visual Voltage and to raise questions and means for visualising energy, the Interactive Institute, together with Berlin-based design-research firm IxDS, organised a one-and-a-half day workshop during the past weekend addressing professional designers.The interest for the workshop was great and a group of 40 internationally active professional designers was gathered to discuss, share and invent design strategies for raising awareness about energy-efficiency.The workshop was structured around a Pecha Kucha, where each participant had 60 seconds to present themselves and their idea´s around the theme, a guided tour of the exhibition, presentations, explorations and discussions. A closing finissage, open for the public and were results from the two days were presented, was organised during the last evening.

The workshop was hosted by Christina Öhman and Johan Redström
(Interactive Institute, Sweden) and Myriel Milicevic and Professor Reto
Wettach (Interaction Design Studios, Berlin).

Pecha Kucha - presentation by Christina Öhman (Interactive Institute).



Presentation of exploration.

Opening of the finissage by Reto Wettach (Interaction Design Studios, Berlin).

Presentation of workshop-results at the finissage.

The Visual Voltage exhibition had almost 13.000 visitors at Felleshuset in Berlin. The next exhibition site is China Science and Technology Museum  in Beijing April 8 - May 20, 2010.For more information about the coming sites and the exhibition please visit: